About us
In the developing countries particularly in India eye diseases and blindness is one of the major health problem. At present approximately 10 million blind and visually disabled people in India with an addition of 20,000 blind and visually disabled people annually. Out of this population 80% of blindness can be prevented if better eye care services could be provided and this can be through trained eye care workers backed up by a state of the art infrastructure. In North East India the people suffering from various eye diseases is increasing day by day. But eye related education and professional course is not up to the mark.
There are lots of talented students in this region who want to pursue a course on Optometry, but because of lack of education in this field particularly in this region students go outside from this region. Advanced countries in this world have recognized the joint role of Ophthalmology and Optometry in eye care. Now with world class products being available in this region, the present day optical business is getting increasingly professional. Given the scarcity of qualified Optometrists in this region and the rapidly growing Ophthalmic industry there is great demand for institutionally qualified Optometrists so that the Optometrists trained in this region can serve the people efficiently and the eye related problems would be minimized up to a greater extent.
Realizing the necessity we have opened an Optometry college in Jorhat. The college is named Ridley college of Optometry. The college is presently with Chandraprabha Eye Hospital, a super speciality tertiary care eye hospital situated at the heart of the Jorhat city. The Ridley college of Optometry is presently having an area of 5000 sq.ft. on the third floor of Chandraprabha Eye Hospital. The college has office and administrative area, library section with furniture, storage facilities, reading section for reference books, journals, class rooms and seminar room etc. The students can do the practical in the hospital premises. Soon the college will be shifted to “Dr. Jitendra Gopal Borpujari Memorial Centre for Community Ophthalmology, Education and Research”, which is under construction and is located just besides Chandraprabha Eye Hospital.